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Episode 3 – L. Hunter Lovins – My Good Rope Horse Is Not For Sale

L. Hunter Lovins

During one of her trips to Afghanistan, L. Hunter Lovins put out the word to some of her young guides that she wanted to meet with Ismail Khan, a warlord known as “The Butcher” who president Karzai had recently appointed as the Minister of Energy for the country.  One of the guides said he might be able to make a connection.  Two nights later she got a call asking if she was still interested in meeting Khan.  She responded in the affirmative.  “Then we go now”, said the voice on the other end of the telephone.

Only problem was, it was 9:00 o’clock in the evening.  You never went out on the streets in Afghanistan after dark.  Especially if you were a Westerner — and a woman.  But that wasn’t going to stop the cowgirl from Colorado.  So off she and the guide went, through various checkpoints, until they got to Khan’s location.   After being searched at gunpoint in the lobby they were ushered into a simple room with little more than a desk, a bed and a low table.  Lovins recalls that her first thought upon seeing Khan was that “he had kind eyes”.

To find out what happened next, check out the latest episode of MIPtalk.

You can learn more about Hunter and her company Natural Capitalism here.

For additional reference we’ve included links to some of the people, places and things discussed in this episode:

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